SOLC 27 of 31- Batman and Robins

Some of my favorite things on the planet are Batman and the Robins. Some may be wondering if I made a typo and meant ‘Robin’, but no, I meant Robins. Over the years there have been multiple Robins such as Dick Grayson, Damien Wayne, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake. I love them as if they weren’t fictional, but they are and it makes me upset. They are a part of some of my ships and there are many who wouldn’t approve. It makes me happy and I love it. How could I not love this.

SOLC 24 of 31- Getting t@gged

On an app called Wattpad, which is used to write and read stories, I have account that I usually only read on. However, I started writing a story and almost 6 months later, I posted the first chapter. A day later, one of my friends tagged me to answer questions about myself. Since the first tag was just simple questions, it wasn’t too hard. Then, I had to come up with random facts about myself. It was difficult since I’m a boring person, but I pulled through. Comment my username if you don’t use the app and find me.

SOLC 23 of 31- Interesting reading material

There are plenty of good books for everyone, but if you are into dystopian novels, fantasy, and adventure, I have some amazing recommendations.

  1. The Divergent series. It is exciting and leaves you wanting more.
  2. Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus. Although I haven’t finished the series, it has been wonderful so far.
  3. The Harry Potter series. An oldie, but still amazing none the less.
  4. The Hunger Games. Even though almost everyone saw this movie, the book is fantastic and much better.
  5. Artemis Fowl Series. Though it isn’t for me, it appeals to some of my friends and seems generally interesting.

SOLC 22 of 31- Ships

Shipping. The act of combining the names of two people that you wish to be in a relationship for either serious, or comical reasons. Though shipping seems like all fun and games there are people who take it seriously. Here are some of my favorite ships.

5. Percabeth                                                                                                                             4. Chera                                                                                                                                    3. Fourtris                                                                                                                                 2. Septiplier                                                                                                                               1. Phan

Phan is my OTP. OTP means one true pairing and Phan, definitely deserves that title.

SOLC 21 of 31- Songs lyrics that describe me

Some lyrics from one of my favorite songs that would describe me are,

“I was told when get older all my fears would shrink, but now I’m insure and I care what people think” -Stressed out by TØP. This may sound generic, but even if I act like I don’t care, I do. I hide my feelings too much and never portray them in front of others. As I got older, I started to worry about what society thought about me, but I hid all the negative feelings and you don’t see that part of me exposed to the world. I just wish my mind were back to when I was little, not about any thoughts but my own.

SOLC 10 of 31- Well deserved rest

Today is the last school day before spring break. It will be a resting period,but my friends are doing things over break while I sit at home doing nothing. While others are on vacation or seeing family, I get to sit in my bedroom, being a loner, reading, and listening to P!atD, TØP, and MCR. I am not doing anything exciting but I will still have fun over the course of that week.